Thursday, March 3, 2011

Monthly Progress Review: January and February

It is time for my Monthly Progress Review of January and February.

Since I created the site in the middle of January 2011 and did not provide an assessment at the end of the month, this update will cover both January and February.  Listed below is a summary of the dividends I received and the purchases I made for these two months:

In the month of January I received the following dividends:

*ADP - $18.00
*PEP - $21.93
*GE - $12.60
*LEG - $27.00

Therefore, for the month of January my dividend income total was $79.53.

In January I made the following purchases:

1) Cincinnati Financial Corp (CINF) at $32.00 resulting in $72 of additional dividend income.
2) Waste Management (WM) at $36.45 resutling in $38 of additional dividend income.

In the month of February I received the following dividends:

*ABT - $46.64
*PAYX - $44.33
*PG - $31.55

Therefore, my dividend income total for the month of February was $122.52

In February, I made no new purchases. Married life has a decent amount of 'start-up' costs! Fortunately, however, I am still on track with my Goals due to my purchases of CINF and WM in January.

Until next month,



  1. I was wondering about your thoughts on CINF. I actually recently purchased an insurance company in HGIC, and had considered CINF as they are similar (regional insurance companies). My concern with CINF was the slow 5 year dividend growth rate. I also really like AFL and CB as I posted about, but the entry yields leave a lot to be desired. At any rate, congrats on the purchases and your success so far. We are very similar in age and goals. Cheers!!