Monday, March 21, 2011

Top 20 Stocks Watchlist!

In two days, 23 MARCH, I will add a new page to DividendPartisan entitled: Top 20 Stocks Watchlist.  These are the companies I believe every serious dividend investor should at least consider, if not actually own in their income portfolio.

The list will be updated quarterly, or as appropriate based on the individual companies and the current market situation.  Obviously, if I company cuts its dividend, for example, it will immediately be removed from the list.

There may be follow-on posts as to the criteria I used to create the list as well as why each company made the list if time permits.

In the end, I hope this list generates some quality discussion and perhaps provide several ideas for where to invest next.

Check back on 23 March and add your coments.  Thanks for reading,



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