Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Div-Net

The Div-Net, short for The Dividend and Value Investing Network, is a network comprised of investors focused on three things: dividend investing, value investing, and a long-term buy and hold philosophy. Exactly what I am looking for as a Dividend 'Partisan.'

If you have not visited this site, you need to.  The Div-Net is a one-stop-shop location for reading and following some incredible dividend growth and value bloggers. The site posts articles on a daily basis with valuable information for us as investors; especially those interested in dividends.

There are qualifications that one's site must achieve before being applicable for membership, and I am thankful to say that as of a few days ago DividendPartisan was recently accepted as an Associate Member.

This will probably be the only time I devout an entire article to talking about The Div-Net, but as a new member, I figured I would take a few moments and share my enthusiasm with you for this network.

The Div-Net consists of several Founding Members, several Charter Members, and around 15 associate members (I believe I make #16, but there could be more).

Of all these members, I would like to highlight a few:

DividendsValue and DividendGrowthInvestor - Founding members of the Div-Net; frequently post high-quality articles on their own sites, and have more readers than most of the associate members put together. :)

DividendMonk - I have followed Matt on the DividendMonk before I got into blogging myself, and am an avid reader of his articles.  When I started DividendPartisan, Matt was very helpful in giving me ideas for how to begin and focus my site.  Thanks again Matt.

TheDividendPig and DividendMantra - The DividendPig, DividendMantra, and I are pretty similar in ages, goals, and investing capital, so it is cool to correspond and follow the great work these two are doing.  Mantra is not part of the Div-Net yet, but I imagine will be someday.

There are many more great sites part of the Div-Net that I try and follow (The Passive Income Earner, the Dividend Ninja to name a few), and I apologize for not mentioning them all. But, I encourage you to visit all the Div-Net Members List found here.

I hope this brief post was helpful in providing a few sources for where to find quality information on dividends and investing, while also highlighting a few specific sites that I follow.  I'd be happy to discuss any further topics or more specific dividend investing ideas directly through email.

Thanks again for reading,



  1. Welcome to the group! Looking forward to reading more of your posts

  2. Congratulations on being added to the Div-Net. An excellent group to be a part of and I hope to be part of it as well someday. Congrats and well deserved!