Thursday, May 5, 2011

Monthly Progress Review: April

It is time for my Monthly Progress Review.

Listed below is a summary of the dividends I received, as well as the purchases I made for the month of April in my Dividend Income Portfolio:

Dividends Received
*ADP - $18.14
*ANH - $43.75
*CINF - $24.00
*GE - $12.69
*LEG - $27.32
*PEP - $22.09

Therefore for the month of April my dividend income total was $147.99.  This is a new monthly high for my dividend income portfolio.

In the month of April I made the following purchases:

1) Procter and Gamble (PG) - 20 shares at $61.81, resulting in $28.91 of extra dividend income.

2) Anworth Mortgage Asset Corporation (ANH) - I initiated a position of 175 shares of ANH at $7.02. This stock ranked #6 on my Top 20 Stocks Watchlist. I believe adding ANH to my portfolio greatly increased diversification and will boost it's overall yield as well. We'll see if this was a wise decision! I already made $43.75 on it's first dividend payment, so that was nice at least.

3) Walmart (WMT) - I also initiated a position of 40 shares of WMT at $52.27. Walmart ranked #1 on my Top 20 Stocks Watchlist and will be removed from the watchlist shortly. I think $52.27 was a relatively good buy price for WMT, and I am happy with my decision.

These were my first moves since January for my Income portfolio, so it was nice to return to making purchases. I will remove WMT and ANH from my watchlist and replace them with two other worthy dividend growing companies shortly. This leaves only one new company to be added to my portfolio this year in order to achieve one of my 2011 Investing Goals. Furthermore, with these purchases I am now a little ahead of being on pace with achieving my 2011 Dividend Income Goal.

As always, I appreciate your thoughts and insight.

Thanks for reading. Until next month,


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  1. Great to see you working towards your goals. I'm a big fan of PG and I like ANH here as well. Do you have a stop loss set on that position?

  2. Partisan,

    That's a huge month of investments. Great job!

  3. DivStocks,

    Thanks for the note. I don't have a stop loss on ANH. I have been watching it for a year fluctuate right around $7 and finally decided to initiate a position. I think it is a good company and will therefore most likely hold unless the dividend is completely cut. Keep in touch,

  4. Thanks... just bought some PG myself!

    Common Cents