Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekend Reading: 15-21 May

It's time again for my Weekend Reading List highlighting the quality articles that others have written throughout the week.

Below are the articles I believe will be worth your time, and will benefit you the most as a fellow investor:

Dividend Growth Stocks - "How to Build a Sustainable High Yield Portfolio"

DividendMonk - "Novartis (NVS) Dividend Stock Analysis"

DividendGrowth Investor - "Dividend Stocks Increasing Retirement Income for Investors"

DividendNinja - "Derek Foster Interview"

TheDividendGuyBlog - "Dividend Stock Battle: AT&T vs Verizon"

ThePassiveIncomeEarner - "Dividend Income: May 2011"

DividendMantra - "Recent Buys"

All of these articles are well worth the read.  Great work all,


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  1. Partisan,

    Thanks for the mention brother. Hope you're taking it easy.