Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dividend Portfolio Update: August

At the start of each month I update my Dividend Income Portfolio.  Though I am very late this month, I have now made updates to the following: 

     * Current holdings 
     * Each holding's current yield 
     * Each holding's respective % of my portfolio
     * Each holding's % of my total income 
     * 2011 Total Annualized Income 
     * Morningstar's Average Star Rating of my portfolio

See an updated list here for the month of August, or click on the 'Portfolio' Tab above.  

Any advice??

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading,


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  1. Partisan,

    Great job! Keep up the fantastic progress. Even if you are done buying for the year, you had a heck of a spurt there with GE, WM, T and O! You're leaving me in the dust!

    Take care brother.

  2. Mantra,

    Thanks man. I think we are probably pretty close actually. You've got a great thing going. Take care,


  3. Great list of payers!!!! Well done. You own a few I want: WMT, WM to name a few.

  4. My Own Advisor,

    Thanks for the comment! WM has already rebounded a few points since my last purchase, which is awesome! WMT, I am a little uneasy about, and only hold a small position at this time. My big recent winner has been O, which though I didn't buy at it's lowest point, has already shot up several points from my purchase price. Take care,