Monday, August 22, 2011

Final Recent Buy...

Well, I pulled the trigger again. Probably for the last time this year.  

I am completely leveraged at this point and need to seriously focus on re-balancing and rebuilding cash reserves.

Nonetheless, I am happy with my decision and would like to share the details of it with you now.

Recently I added to my position of: 

General Electric (GE)
General Electric is a diversified manufacturer and is organized into four segments: technology infrastructure, energy infrastructure, home and business services, and capital services. Financial services accounted for 25% of the firm's profit from continuing operations in 2010.

Some quick facts about GE:

*3.63% Yield
*Appears to be on track with re-growing its dividend (2 increases in the last 12 months)
*5 star Morningstar Rating
*9.9 Forward P/E
*47% of revenue from US Sales, 53% of revenue from overseas

I think GE is a great dividend stock and is well poised going forward.  To be completely honest, I think GE is a great buy at anything under $19 and has a fair value closer to $26.

Some other notes (and not that it means too much), but the 16,017 Motley Fool readers who expressed an opinion on GE voted 94% that the price will rise faster than the overall market.  And I agree with them.

Consequently, I purchased 60 more shares and GE now represents 5.4% of my portfolio.  What are your thoughts on General Electric? Do you think it will be true to its dividend policy? Or will it slash it again as it did in 2008 if things get rough?

Finally - in a few days I will update my Portfolio Tab to reflect my four recent purchases in order to accurately highlight my new number of positions, their yields, % of my portfolio, and % of income.  Be sure to check back in.  And, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this recent purchase of GE if you can.

Thanks for reading,


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  1. if you have a regular discipline then does this purchase fall within that? GE looks like it can sustain another turbulence out there.

  2. INQ,

    We'll see what happens with GE. I know there are a LOT of people that don't like the CEO, and don't like what happened when they slashed their dividend. Take care,