Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why I Need to Average $150 a Month in Dividend Income

Airborne.  For those of us affiliated with the military, we recognize the above picture as our fellow high-speed paratroopers exiting a C-130 aircraft as part of an airborne operation.

We also realize, (though the average civilian may not), that this skill, given its additional requirements and inherent risks, affords us the opportunity to make an additional $150 a month should we maintain our airborne currency status.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, based on your perspective :), I will be leaving the airborne world in a few months and will be joining the 'leg' community of non-airborne units and moving to Missouri.  As a result, I will no longer receive Parachute Pay.  Consequently, I will therefore need to average $150 in dividend income; otherwise I will essentially take a small monthly pay cut.  (Though $150 is not too large a sum of money, every bit counts!)  My monthly average of dividend income received to this point is around $140, so I have some catching up to do.

Anyway, there isn't much too this article other than to let you know I will be moving in a few months and to possibly enlighten you to a small piece of the military incentive-pay structure.  Jumping out of an aircraft is quite a thrill; especially at night with a 35+lb ruck sack strapped to you.  Fortunately I never had to pull my reserve on the way down (praise God), and despite several hard landings, was never seriously hurt or injured.

To conclude, as you may know I currently reinvest all dividends received in order to buy more shares, and will therefore 'feel' the effects of $150 less each month in my budgeting.  Nonetheless, it was great being Airborne, and I am thankful for the experience and the small bonus that came with it each month.

As always, I welcome any comments.  Thanks for reading,



  1. Hello, Im also in the military, US Army Reserve,I spend 1 year in Irak in 2004, I live in Puerto Rico. I just started a Dividend portfolio two months ago and Im very excited about this approach to stock investing. I congratulate you on your sucess,you are on track to be a succesfull investor. I will be visiting your site as well as Dividend Mantras site on a monthly basis, Keep it up. You guys are something else. God bless both of you on your jurney to financial freedom. Excuse my orthographic errors, English is my second laguage.

  2. Dividend Partisan,

    Agreed every dollar counts. $150/month may not seem like much but it does add up. Hopefully some of your stock holdings will be increasing their dividends soon.

    I was in the military reserves (infantry), but you guys are something else (as mentioned by the previous commenter), carrying all that equipment is hard. Jumping out of a plane with all that equipment is even harder.

  3. Kanwal Sarai,

    Great to hear you've served as well, and thank you. Please enjoy your Veteran's Day!

    I think I only have one more jump left in the 82nd Airborne Division. Keep in touch!