Friday, November 11, 2011

DivPartisan Updates: Top 20 Stock List, Portfolio, etc...

Hello all,

It has been far too long since I have made some updates to DividendPartisan.  Consequently, I wanted to let you know that I have now updated the following:

*Dividend Income Portfolio Tab
*Top 20 Stock Watchlist Tab
*Progress Tab (through October)
*Reader's Poll Question

Listed below are some of the details of these updates.  Be sure to check out the specific 'tabs' above and the Reader's Question on the right of this page.  Be sure to vote too! Thanks again...

Portfolio Updated
My last portfolio update was as of 24 August.  At that time my dividend income portfolio was set to bring in $2,086 per year at an average yield of 4.40% with 15 dividend stocks.

A little more than two months later, I still own 15 positions and have made no new purchases.  That said, however, I have reinvested $335 worth of dividends and now have a portfolio set to bring in $2,112.  With my last purchase (four to be exact, in August), I have already benefited from two new dividend paying companies: O and T, and have received increased dividends from WM and GE.  Overall, I am very pleased with the direction of my portfolio.  See the details of all of my holdings here.

Top 20 Stocks Watchlist Updated
There were several updates to my Top 20 Dividend Stocks Watchlist as well:
 1) I removed HGIC due to their deal with Nationwide Insurance.
 2) I removed AT&T (T) due to my purchase of this awesome dividend company back in August
 3) I removed Realty Income (O) due to my purchase of this incredible dividend company back in                      August
 4) I replaced the three companies mentioned above with 3 New Outstanding Dividend Companies, and I did a little shuffling of the order of the list as well.  Check it out here.

Progress Tab
I also updated my dividend portfolio's 'Progress' Tab.  This tab shows how much dividend income I receive each month as well as the total that I have received this year.  For 2011, I have averaged $134 in dividends each month, and have earned a total of $1,334 through October this year. Pretty cool! See more details here.

Reader's Poll Question
Finally, I updated the 'Reader's Poll Question' off to the right of Dividend Partisan's home page. My last question polled the reader's as to where they thought the DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) would be at by May 31st. Of the 27 people that voted, 19 people (70% of the voters) thought it would be at least 12,500 or higher. Clearly, that hasn't happened as we have watched the DOW sink below 11,000 and then back up to 12,000. Nevertheless, we have yet to see it breach 12,500.... and at current levels, the 'greater than 13,000' poll option in which 5 voters chose as their guess, seems more like a shot in the dark at this point for any month this year. All of that said, be sure to check out the new poll question on the right of your screen. I'd love to hear your input.

Well, that should conclude this post. My apologies for not updating these tabs sooner. I continue to try and manage my free time as best as possible; still committing to writing for DivPartisan while not letting it consume all of my down time and preventing me from pursuing other interests as well.
As always I welcome any and all comments. Take care,

Dividend Partisan

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  1. Great progress!

    I hope to earn $2k or more in dividend income in 2012. I'm going to do my best!

    Are you planning on making any more purchases in 2011? Anything high on your radar right now? I recently purchased MDT and one other company I'll list early next week.

    Best of luck with finishing off 2011 great and getting a head start on 2012.

  2. Mantra,

    Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. I'm sure you'll be surpassing me soon! I continue to enjoy reading your blog and seeing your progress.

    On a side note - What do you plan to do with your shares of ABT? I plan to keep both companies I think.

    As for making more purchases in 2011, there is no possible way that is going to happen! haha.. :) I just bought my wife and I a washer and dryer... and even with the Veteran's Day sale, they were still very expensive. Add that to all of the moving costs, holiday costs, and our dog needing a small surgery...and there is just no way. :) That's how it goes sometimes! It's too bad too because I really want to get into day trading at some point.

    Anyway, take care buddy.


  3. Partisan,

    I hear you on expenses getting in the way. I recently had to purchase a plane ticket to see family back home in Michigan for the holidays. That certainly put a dent in available investment capital. Also..I have to start putting money away for tax time. I'll also likely have reduced income in December due to taking time off for Christmas, so things will be a bit quieter for me as well I'm sure.

    On ABT I'll likely hold both companies after they split, unless there is a reason not too. I'll likely plan on holding the new ABT for the same reasons I hold the current ABT...but the new pharmaceutical company will be questionable.

    Have a good weekend!