Saturday, January 15, 2011

2010 Recap


It is time to review my 2010 performance and goals.

I began actively trading at the start of last year in January 2010.  Listed below is a review of my goals for the year:

*Annualized Dividend Income goal for the year = $500.
*End the year with 6 stocks owned

I began the year with $0 invested, so to achieve $500 in dividend income by Dec 31st was somewhat of a lofty goal for a brand new equities investor at 25 years old, who only sought to invest in safe, blue-chip, dividend-growing companies.

Nevertheless, I am pleased to announce that I ended the year with Annualized Dividend Income earned at $512.

Furthermore, I am also pleased to announce that my portfolio beat the S&P 500 Index by a whopping 0.2%. :)

Listed below is the list of the 11 companies (stock symbol) I ended the year with.


Though I only surpassed my goal of $500 by $12 for the year of 2010, if I continue to follow this year's contributions plan, my portfolio is currently positioned to greatly exceed my 2011 goal, despite it still being January.  (Explained - I now have positions able to earn dividends for four quarters throughout the year, as opposed to last year when I began with nothing and had to build throughout the year).

My '2011 Goals' post will come in a few days.  That's all for now.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Initial Content Created


I have completed the first entry for the following sections: Portfolio, Investing Goals, Mission and Vision, and About Me Tabs.  More content and posts will follow.



Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome! First Post!

I hope you are as passionate about dividend investing as I am.

This site was created on 10 JAN 2011, so bear with me while it is under construction.  Soon it will be up and running with much more content, but for now feel free to look around and leave any comments.

Currently I will be working on the first submission for the Portfolio, Investing Goals, Mission and Vision, and About Me Tabs.  More content and posts will follow.

Take care!