Listed below is my Mission Statement, Vision, and Primary Objectives.

Mission (What do I want to do?)
     I want to fund Christian ministries in a big way and help grow God's Kingdom here
     on earth
Vision (How am I going to accomplish my Mission statement?)
     I will accomplish this through frugal living and disciplined dividend and value
     investing; by spending little and developing a portfolio of dividend yielding and
     dividend growing blue-chip companies

Primary Objectives (What are the details of my plan?)
     * At age 30, annualized dividends = $8,000
     * At age 35, annualized dividends = $20,000
     * At age 42, annualized dividends = $50,000
     * At age 47, annualized dividends = ?
     * Leave the military after no more than 25 years (Age 47)
     * Upon leaving the military, commit to full time ministry
     * Utilize passive income to execute 'Mission' statement

Currently, I have a plan in place to achieve the 'Age 35' Objective.  The 'Age 42' Objective is simply a guess at this point. Furthermore, all of this is dependent upon where God leads me (and my new wife). 

As with anywhere on my site, I welcome any comments.  Take care,


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  1. A very worthy vision. Best of luck to you. My son is a minister currently studying to be a Bible translator for Wycliffe in Papua New Guinea where he and his family will move in January. I am in my retirement at this point and live off my dividends. I also write a blog which may be of interest to you. My blog focus is on high yield investments of various kinds: www.tinyurl.com/bigdiv
    Best of luck with your blog!