There have been many benefit's to the launching of DividendPartisan back in January 2011.  One in particular - since the site's launch I have become more diligent in monitoring and evaluating my portfolio's performance.  I do not believe I was negligent beforehand, but DividendPartisan has afforded me the opportunity to actively and purposefully assess my portfolio's strengths and weaknesses on a continual basis that I did not do before.

Furthermore, I feel I have done my best to be candid to my readers in all aspects of my portfolio: my purchases, my sales, it's performance, etc.

In an effort to continue to openly share the direction of my portfolio and my personal journey of developing passive income to show God's love and financially assist many worthy causes around the world, I have decided to add a "Portfolio Progress" Page that will highlight the details of my portfolio's progression over the years.

Listed below is my portfolio's progress since the creation of my dividend income portfolio in the beginning of 2010:

January 2012 - $1,198.72
February 2012 - $979.77
Total dividends/income received in 2010, Year-end Total - $512 
Total dividends/income received in 2011, Year-end Total$2,296.96 

Remember, we are not 'regular' investors.  We are disciplined dividend growth investors.  We avoid the headache (as illustrated below) by choosing high quality dividend growing companies and holding them throughout the ups and (most of the time) we choose to hold them forever...

I will continue to add to and update this page once a month.  

I welcome any comments.  Thanks for reading,


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